44 Simple Ways To Promote Your Mobile App

Tips to promote mobile apps

After searching for many mobile app development companies, You got the best one of them and they have also developed your app and it is ready to be introduced to the world. But until or unless you market your app to your target audience, It will get lost in the dark forest of other apps out there.

Here are some simple ways to promote your app and to make them visible for the targeted audience. Let’s discuss what are these

  1. The landing page should be well defined:- Make a simple and clear introduction about the app. One sentence is sufficient, but that should make a better sense about the business.
  2. Start writing blogs:- Writing regular blogs and update them in those platforms which can give more traffics and can help you rank your website on the top of search engines.
  3. Use Social media:- It is the most important way to promote one app and it is the most sensitive platform. One just can’t post the link of the app and post it on all social media platforms, It is not the right way to promote apps. One has to be more creative and the images and contents should be click-worthy.
  4. Creating Teasers:- This helps in answering customers that an app is going to be launched, It creates excitement among the customers. Create a teaser landing page before app launches.
  5. Creating a video intro to your app:- This is very helpful but it should be done with care. As for creating a video for the app one should have a clear idea about the app and have all the knowledge about the functions of the app. This can be helpful for gaining more popularity among the users.
  6. Pitching Technical blogs:- This something which is very tough. You are very excited about the launching of the app which is going to take place within a few days, but others are less impressed. Just do a list of perfect contacts, emails and make a perfect pitch to them.
  7. Asking for the App reviews:- There are thousands of app review websites, where a user can review your app. One should do a proper dig on the internet and should take reviews from each and every customers.
  8. Use content discovery tools:- Make sure to plug content discovery tools in your blogs. These help tremendously in getting more traffics to your blogs and even to your website.
  9. Contributing words to the online conversations:- If one reads a good article and blogs, Don’t ignore it comment there. It helps in bringing more traffic to the website and also helps in link building.
  10. Apply for app awards:- There are many organizations that give thousands of prizes and rewards to the new, innovative apps for their functionality, design and for many other categories. Search for these contents online and register your app there.
  11. Offer a helping hand:- One should not always think that the user should download the app. You should find users who are facing problems and help them, Advise them on how to solve the problem. This can help you in increasing the downloads for your app.
  12. Clearly mention the working of your app:- One should make this a statement and use that to identify the targeted customers and market your app to those customers first.
  13. Record Podcasts:- Record podcasts and play them during the talk show. The podcast should contain all relevant data about the working of your app.
  14. Start a community:- Starting a community and joining communities related to your app is a good way to get more traffics. The best place to start a community is Facebook and one can get more traffics from there.
  15. Making your ASO strategy more strong:- One can optimize the app icon, title, description and screenshots on all official app stores to be found faster as compared to others.
  16. Hosting exciting contests:- Telling your audience to complete a few simple tasks and post them with contest hashtags.. Reward them with some prizes.
  17. Creating a youtube channel:- Youtube is a great place from where one can get more traffics and users. Post app development process videos, new surveys, and many other exciting videos so that user can download the app.
  18. Advertising:- Book advertising spaces on relevant website and advertise your app on those.
  19. Go offline and try guerrilla marketing:- These campaigns are the most effective in the areas of high concentration of your target customers.
  20. Try Adwords:- This can be only a done if you have time to run campaigns and have your own keywords to work. If you want to run AdWords then you should have time to run the campaign sets at a regular time period.
  21. Offer discounts:- If you are working with in-app purchase, you should offer them some discounts to the users at a certain time period and let the users know about the offers via push.
  22. Grow your subscriber lists:- Collecting the email addresses from the newsletter section of your website and keep collecting them to grow your subscriber list and send them updates related to your apps.
  23. Link your business cards:-  Add a shortcode to your business card and link that to your business card so that people can download your app much faster.
  24. Find a proper business partner:- If you are very much capable, then to collaborate with other apps and prove that you are not only focusing on new users but also you are also a good collaborator.
  25. Encouraging customer ratings:-  Ask you are happy users to leave a review for your app and keep it real. Customers can smell fake reviews and can make it spam.
  26. Put your app in the right spot:- Choose app category and keywords carefully, these will determine the ranking of your apps in some specific areas.
  27. Monitoring your performance:- Keep checking your app performance and analytics via AppAnnie and from other tools to understand how users interact with your app.
  28. Get noticed:- Try to get more new and noteworthy in the app store and be the favorite of editors.
  29. Become a guest blogger:- Contribute to other websites and start writing blogs for them. If you are an expert in approving your blog according to their criteria then you will get chance of putting your link in their website in the form of the blog.
  30. Consider coupons:- Find a coupon service that’s relevant to your app market and run a campaign. You can track the outcomes of your app.
  31. Re-engage your users who have already installed your app:- Google has started a few initiatives where you can run ads to drive users to open your app.
  32. Run an ad campaign on Facebook:- Running ads on Facebook is very helpful as you can get more traffic from there.
  33. Answer Questions:- Help others get answers about what they need. Answer their questions and help them out. The best platform for answering customers questions is Quora.com and help them out.
  34. Create a Slideshare presentation:- Creating a Slideshare presentation can help you in getting more traffics. Who knows your presentation can be more helpful to many customers and can solve many problems and can increase your app downloads.
  35. Help users to promote your app:- Add an in-app “tell a friend” feature so that your current users can share the app with their friends and family members. This helps in increasing the downloads and subscribers of an app.
  36. Exchange ad space with other mobile apps:- There are many platforms like Appsfire and Admob are best known for these types of services.
  37. Join Linkedin groups:- Participate in discussions and comment on interesting contents in LinkedIn.
  38. Host an app launch party:- Make it a fun and engaging experience. Invite your core users and some press.
  39. Broadcast your event:- Extend your launch party into the internet and publish live stream, Let people know about the launch of your app.
  40. Have a Logo stamp made:- Get a customized stamp and cover your town and locality with your logo and slogan.
  41. Offer free trials:- If your app is paid, then offer some free trials to the users and collect potential user information from this.
  42. Installing a heat map on your mobile app:- Analyze what content people care and what they don’t care.
  43. Sharing interesting contents on Pinterest:- Just use your logo as a watermark on the posted images and share interesting contents on that. So that users can go directly to your app or website from Pinterest.
  44. Give out promo codes:- This is a good way to bring more customers for your app. Customers always look for these promo codes so to save money.

These were some of the simple steps to follow while promoting your mobile app, But the most important thing is the app owner should listen to the current users. They can give tremendous insights not only in their user experience but also during their promotion. An app marketing should be done properly before the launching of the app and also after the launch, Proper promotion can help in bringing more users and traffic as well as downloads for the app.


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