50 Ways to Get Quality Backlinks To Your Blog in 2018

How to build quality backlinks in 2018

SEO consists of onsite and offsite SEO. Backlinks are one of the essential things of an offsite SEO. Good quality backlinks will help you get better rankings.

Backlinks are fundamental to the success of any SEO campaign. This is a complete guide to quality link building online and the best part is that all of the strategies work GREAT in 2018. This post contains 50 proven strategies for building high quality backlinks means you will now have 50 Ways to Get Quality Backlinks To Your Blog in 2018

Ways to Get Quality Backlinks To Your Blog

Things to keep in mind before building backlinks to your blog

  • Always keep the quality of links and anchor text variation in mind while building backlinks.
  • Start building links to internal pages & avoid creating lots of backlinks to homepage only.
  • Build links to resource pages like “Bloggers Guide”. This way you can target single and double keywords.

Things to avoid in link building campaigns

Quality backlinks will help your blog get more traffic and better rankings. Before we learn about the methods to build backlinks we need to know some things that you must avoid.

  • You must avoid BlogRoll links.
  • Avoid link networks. They can cause you penguin penalty.
  • Sitewide link from the footer must be avoided.
  • Buying of bulk links from certain websites like Fiverr must be avoided.
  • Links from article directory are not effective any more.

Blogger guide to build quality backlinks to your Site:

Now let us focus on how to create backlinks & ways to get quality backlinks to your blog

  1. Make use of the broken link building technique as this will help you in getting good backlinks from very good quality pages. For this, you need to find a broken link on a website and notify the owner. Give the owner a link which is similar to the broken link to the owner.
  2. Get into the habit of submitting guest blogs on some blog sites.  If you are wondering how to increase backlinks by using forums then it is simple. You have to start threads in the forum then you need to link these threads to your blogs
  3. Do social bookmarking on websites like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest etc.
  4.  You can also make use of discussion boards to creating backlinks. You can make use of Quora and here you can provide links to your blog.
  5. There are some very good blogging communities which are followed by many people. You must submit your blogs on these blogging communities.
  6. You can also put questions which are related to your blog on websites like Yahoo answers. Then you can provide the link to your blog in order to get the answer to the query.
  7. You must interlink one blog with your other blogs and posts.
  8. You can also get associated with other bloggers and you can share links with these bloggers.
  9. There are some very good blog directories where you can submit your blogs. Just make sure that you only opt for the best blog directories.
  10. Networking with other bloggers and writing an email to influencers who write on topics similar to the ones you handle can also be a good way to create more backlinks.
  11. Submitting the blogs to social networking and social bookmarking websites can also be useful.
  12.  If you can manage to let your blog go viral on bookmarking websites, then nothing like it as it can help you get many backlinks.
  13. When you make important updated on your blogs then make sure that you send press releases.
  14. Get the list of RSS directories and send your RSS feed to these directories.
  15. On the forums, there is a review forum. Make sure to submit reviews on these forums.
  16. You can make use of free WordPress plugin in order to create backlinks.
  17. Submission of ebooks on software websites can also help you in getting backlinks.
  18. There are some documents sharing sites. You can convert your blogs into pdf format and submit it on these websites.
  19. Reviewing companies and products related to your blog posts can also be a good way to get more backlinks.
  20. Outbound link SEO can also be a good way to resolve the problem of how to get backlinks
  21. You can also provide testimonials and you can also submit your links, There is a chance that the marketers for whom you have submitted testimonial will help you by creating a backlink.
  22. Blogs must be promoted on web2.0 sites.
  23. If you write content which is of superior quality then you will get backlinks.
  24. Sometimes controversial things can also help in getting links but this can also be risky.
  25. Be the first one to write new posts.
  26. You can interview top bloggers or you can try and see if some other blogger is willing to interview you.
  27. Linkbait posts can also be of help.
  28. Write posts which will go viral with ease.
  29. Write about some top products or people in your niche. They will most likely create a backlink.
  30. Trading of articles with other bloggers can also be helpful.
  31. .edu and.gov forums and blogs are treated with a lot of respect by Google and if you can get backlinks from such websites then nothing like it.
  32. Google groups and Yahoo groups can also be of help.
  33. Creation of Wikipedia page and submitting link on this page can be very useful.
  34. Sometimes certain words in the title of the blog post like “ULTIMATE” etc are found to get some good quality backlinks.
  35. Starting a blogging contest or sponsoring a blogging contest can also be an easy way to get backlinks.
  36. Your donation to charity websites can help you get links from these websites
  37. Making big product launches can help
  38. Being in the news can also be helpful.
  39. Write about celebrities.
  40. Write for the best people in your forte
  41. Ask your web designer to make use of your website as an example on their website.
  42. Long tutorial posts and manuals also help in getting more backlinks.
  43. Creating an ebook and then linking your blogs to this ebook can help.
  44. Posts whose title starts with numbers also helps in getting more backlinks.
  45. Submission of posts to image directories can also help
  46. Submitting websites to local business directories can also help.
  47. Creation of viral youtube videos and submit links to your blogs in this video or in the description.
  48. Update the blog on a regular basis.
  49. Good posts with good pictures can be helpful.
  50. Running surveys on your blogs and submitting their results is also useful.

Bonus linkbuilding tips!

  1. If you can establish yourself as a top blogger of 2018 then you can easily resolve the issue of how to get backlinks in 2018.
  2. Have your own special and different writing style.
  3. Be genuine and transparent on your blog.
  4. Writing whitepaper, listing the products on Amazon, Ebay etc can also be a great way to get more backlinks.

Do not practice unethical marketing to make it online, the above are 50 (+4) ways to get quality backlinks to your blog.

Do share your methods to create backlinks in comments.

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