2018 Best On Page Techniques To Boost Website Ranking Without Penalty

Best On Page Techniques To Boost Website Ranking

Every day many bloggers and website owners search Best On Page Techniques To Boost Website Ranking on Google. Everybody is trying to rank higher in Search Engines and want to improve search engine ranking. According to a study, the first page of Google receives 95% of total traffic and rest 5% is left for other pages.

6 On Page Techniques To Boost Website Ranking

Higher or Top Google search ranking means more traffic, more leads, more customers and finally more business with better branding. Organic traffic is real and long-term business growth driver than any other sources of traffic.

As every business is after achieving better ranks that is why online business owners want popularity for their businesses and want high search engine ranking for their websites and blogs in Google and other search engines like Yahoo, Bing. The reason behind this is quite simple: Business Growth and Brand Recognition.

I have seen a lot of website owners and bloggers who go crazy to find the secrets of how to improve Google Ranking without getting penalized by search engines. I wish if I could tell if there is any magic for boosting website ranking in Google. But the truth is there is no such magic in real. You need to work hard, be creative, understand Google’s Algo and SEO rules.

In this article, we will be focusing on techniques those you can use to boost your website ranking without getting a penalty on Google. These are really cool and simple on-page techniques for google search engine optimization [SEO]. If you follow them properly then it will help you boosting website ranking or blog ranking in Google.

Do you really notice all your efforts when you’re looking to enhance the search engine optimization and ranking of your website? What involves in your mind when you see the term “SEO“ or “SEO marketing”? Most people focus majorly on “key phrases & keywords”. They do not look for more kinds of stuff and do not want to put their efforts on another side.

Best On Page SEO Tips for Rank Up

I am again taking you to the basics to make you understand the Google SEO rules. I will make you understand in this article how to optimize blog posts or website for humans and crawlers both and will also help you to master best on page techniques to boost website ranking.

Here I am going to share six on-page SEO techniques to improve your website’s ranking in Google, Yahoo & Bing. These are the extremely important white hat on-page optimization tips to rank your websites in search engines.

These on-page techniques are extremely simple and I can almost guarantee an increase in search engine ranking if you use them effectively. Today I will break down the most important on-page SEO factors those I have learned and these would help you to improve your Google ranking almost guaranteed.

These are the tips those probably you have never heard of or have never even applied to your site but today in this post, I will let you know to improve your website ranking with On Page Search Engine Optimization. This is some advanced type of On Page SEO that would give you some really nice ranking improvement and will let you know how to rank high in Google. I have used these methods to rank website in google several times to get high SERP rankings. These page ranking factors are already tested. This is not just some ordinary on page SEO rehashed over the internet. I am not going to tell you basic kinds of stuff. I am actually showing you advanced ways of how to increase google ranking for free with On Page SEO.  So let’s hop into this –

Find keyword relativity while avoiding over SEO

This law allows you to get very very strong keywords relation. Google relates the keywords to each other. Google has lists of keywords that are similar and super relative to your keywords. When we use these extremely relative keywords in content, title, headings then it makes the page super relative to the main keyword.

First, you have to finalize your main keyword that you want to rank for. Now try to find other related keywords.  Make sure that you get super relative keywords for your content. Find 10 keywords those are related or similar to your main keyword.

You have to avoid identical keywords. You can use synonyms of the major keyword or can take help of some keyword research tool or Google AdWords Keyword planner to get other relative keywords.

Also make keyword phrases and use some long tail keywords. I will suggest you focus on some long tails keywords in your niche. Getting strong keyword relation while avoiding Over-SEO is immensely important for your article.

While doing this, you have to be very cautious of over SEO. Do not select unnecessary keywords those you think will not have any impact. Select natural super relative keywords for your content with some really good searches. Once done with keyword research, you have extremely related keywords to your main keyword.

Learn how to use Meta Tags safely

Meta tags are one of the most and basic elements of SEO.  Meta tags are the snippets of text displayed in search engine result pages. When used properly Meta tag can be very helpful in improving your website’s ranking. These are one of the most important on-page SEO Ranking Factors for boosting website ranking.

Meta tags help you to promote your website ranking. What most people do is they use same main keywords in title, description and in meta keywords. Several times you do not get results by doing this and are not able to increase website ranking in Google as this makes Google slap you on your face and burn all your efforts.

To improve your SEO ranking you need to apply the law of Google Relativity and also desaturate your titles and descriptions bit.

Use main keywords in Title naturally. Include the main keyword in your Title tag with additional text. Make sure it should look natural and should not be spammy.

In the description, do not just blow your main keyword. Desaturate your keyword in the description and make it look much more natural. For natural SEO, a description is not going to be like just keyword stuffed.

Use extremely related keywords in the description to make it more natural. Also, set your description tag containing your super relative keywords loosely. Use natural sentences in Meta tags rather than keyword stuffing.  By doing this you will have super relative meta tags with no chance of over SEO.

Relativity Stuffing: Add keywords carefully in content

Back in days, people use to stuff their single keywords on page 100s of times to rank higher in Google. Earlier it worked as well but now the Google crawler is much smarter than your thinking. Now if you would do this to improve or boost website ranking then that gets you penalized.

However, now we will get something that has same and positive effect without the chance of over SEO and penalty. These are the slightly different ways to rank in the first position on Google without penalties.

To stay away from search engine penalty and get Google page ranking, we are going to apply keyword relativity stuffing.  For this, you have to create an awesome article of 1200+ words.

While creating the content, keep in mind that content should be unique, useful and interesting for your users. If your content is really worthy of your users then you will also collect their social love.

Once you are done with article writing then grab 10 super relative words (those you already found using the law of Google Relativity). These words should be slightly different from main keywords. Stuff them in the middle part of the article.  Make sure you are not doing extra keyword stuffing and your content should not look spammy.

Include super relative keyword and main keyword in your content with no over SEO. Consequently, now you have a super relative content to the main keyword with no chance of over SEO. This will make Google understand that your page is extremely relative to the main keyword.

How to use Keywords on your page

On top of that, we will be doing keyword sandwich. When Google reads your pages there are certain places in your content that will make your content much more relative to a search if you place your main keyword there. These are –

  • At the very start of the content in H1 Font
  • In the middle of your content in Bolded and underlined
  • In the last sentence of the content

Try to use your keyword at these places. It should be like this –

keyword stuffing best way
Top – What the content is all about

Middle – Super relative to the main topic

Ends with being about the main topic

At the start, we have our main keyword that’s what the content is about. In the middle, we have the entire stuffed super relative words to the main keywords and we are ending the content with the main keyword.

Images: How to use your keywords in ALT Tags

To make your content interesting you have to use some images in your content. Try to use 2-4 images in your content.  Do not slap keywords in the images every single time. If you have 3 pictures in your content then one should be with main keyword and two images should be with super relative keywords following the law of Google Relativity. Google does not read images.

Google reads ALT tags and then define if the image is related to content. Use your keywords in the ALT tags and in the title of the images to improve your search presence. By doing this you will have super relative images on your page while avoiding the over SEO penalty.

Link To Super Authorities

Finally, Google is all about user experience. All you need to do is to find 2 or 3 super authorities sites in your niche and place link in your content to those super authorities. It will not going to hurt your rankings in any way and will not make them rank above you. It will just make your article helpful to the user. This tutorial from Chris Liversidge will show you how to get benefited from link building


How to improve Google search ranking certainly has a level of mystique. But there are some strategies that help you to perform your site better. Now you know the secret of how to boost your website ranking on Google & how to upgrade Google search results.

By following above On Page techniques, you can boost your website ranking and traffic on Google without getting a penalty in 2018.

If this article was helpful to you then please share this with your friends. Please do share your feedback, suggestions and experience in the comment section below. Thanks for reading this, follow me for more updates.

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