How to Get More Followers on Twitter – Top 23 Amazing Tips

tips to gain twitter followers free

According to the Forbes, Twitter has more than 328 million active users by the end of first quarter in 2017. With this kind of active user base, Twitter is one of the most dynamic social networks among social media platforms.

If you have dreamed a huge fan following on Twitter then you need to increase Twitter followers on your Twitter account. Just like you, I also went through several posts and articles about How to Get More Followers on Twitter.

And today, I would love to share the 23 amazing tips on how to get more Twitter followers with you. Initially, it may be bit difficult to get more followers on Twitter but it is not impossible.

Today in this post, I will describe how to increase followers on Twitter organically. This post will help also you in Twitter SEO. By following these tips, more and more people will come to know about your Twitter profile and they will start following you.

If you really want to gain Twitter followers then follow these amazing tactics correctly. I assure you that in coming days you will have thousands of genuine free Twitter followers.

If you want to know how to increase Twitter followers then first create a Twitter account with your real name and ID. Then only follow these amazing tips to increase Twitter followers.

Create an awesome Twitter profile

Creating an effective and attracting profile is a great way to increase Twitter followers. An outstanding bio also helps to attract more people.

People check your profile before following you on Twitter. Make it professional with some great description and links to your website and blog posts. For example – 

create awesome twitter profile to increase followers

Make your profile appealing because the first impression is the last impression and it is the first step towards increasing your followers.

Create a good avatar

Avatar is a small Twitter profile picture that represents you. Using unprofessional avatar will only make you appear unprofessional and it will not help you to get real Twitter followers.

Have a nice professional looking profile photo which shows your face clearly. Your Twitter profile photo should give a close view of your face and personality. It will also help you to grow Twitter followers.

Follow relevant people in your niche

If you are new on Twitter then this the very first thing you should do after completing your profile on Twitter.

Find relevant people in your niche with similar interests and follow them. Start with strong profiles.

Target tweetable quotes

Focus on trending and tweetable phrases. It is hard to gain more traffic on social media by following SEO strategy.

You need to focus on trending quotes and make your lines better. Better quotes will add more value on Twitter rather than keywords.

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Focus on customers instead of your products

If you are using Twitter for business then start focusing your customers instead of your products. Decide what your customers want from you and what is their need.

If you want to increase the number of followers on your Twitter account then start paying attention to your customers.

For example: If your customers are interested in GYM products and you are promoting fashion products then it will not help you in gaining Twitter followers.

Tweet in 140 characters or less

There is a character limit on Twitter. People do not like long tweets on Twitter. Keep your tweet short, interesting and meaningful.

Remember to use links in your tweets. Use Google shorten links to save characters.   

Make your own headline

Do not use generic headlines. It will destroy your post and your fans will think that you are just doing copy and paste.

Make your own story or headline rather than retweeting someone else’s post.

Use actionable and clear language

To increase Twitter followers you need to use the language that everyone can understand and like to share.

Tweet useful information and updates about the latest news. If you provide useful resources then people will follow you on Twitter to get latest updates.

Use Trending Hashtags (#)

Hashtags are searchable words on Twitter. Use hashtags (#) before important and trending keywords. Hashtags will highlight your important keywords and it will help to attract more audience.

For example: “how to get a lot of followers on #Twitter” & “how to get #followers on #Twitter #free”

You need to find out the hot and trending topics. Post on popular and trending keywords to increase follower count.

Track shared links

If you share a lot of links on Twitter then you should keep track of your shared links. It will help you to determine what type of tweets are getting more clicks on links.

You can use Hootsuite and Buffer app to automatically track links those you shared.

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Start Using Twitter List

The Twitter list helps you to organize the people you keep interest in. It allows you to arrange Twitter user in groups to manage your tweets.

Neil Patel has described it in detail in his post 5 Simple Strategies to Effectively Target Your Followers.

Tweet Consistently

To get Twitter followers fast you need to increase your Twitter activity. If you tweet 3 to 5 times per day then go to 8 to 10 times. If you increase your visibility then your Twitter followers will also increase. I have also gained followers from this Twitter tip.

Use Tools to Automate Twitter

I recommend you to engage more on your Twitter account and tweet frequently. For this, you can use third-party tools i.e. Buffer App, Hootsuite etc.

There are several other free and paid automation tools present on the internet. You can use them to automate your tweets.

It will help you to connect more people on social media and gaining Twitter followers.

Share your Tweets multiple time

You might have heard of tweet and repeat. Thousands of tweets come at the same time. So it is not possible for everyone to read your post. The solution for this is to post multiple times.

You can share your posts multiple times. There would not be any problem but bring some uniqueness in every post that you reshare. It will help people to find it interesting and amazing every time.

Sharing your content multiple times work very well. Use the Google URL Builder Tool to create a unique URL for your content.

Share unique and amazing content

The biggest mistake that everyone makes on Twitter is they share wrong content. If you are not tweeting anything worthy of reading then no one would want to follow you on Twitter.

If you really want to grow Twitter followers then post-effective, engaging, unique, trending and interesting content.

It will help you to get more followers on Twitter. People will find your post useful and they will no doubt follow you on Twitter.

Participate in Twitter Contest

One of the most overlooked actions that will allow you to get more followers on Twitter fast is contest hosting.

Hosting a contest on Twitter helps you to boost engagement on Twitter. Twitter contests are creative and one of the best ways to attract more Twitter followers.

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Ask for retweets and likes

Whenever you post something amazing on Twitter, people will definitely share your tweets. You can also ask people to retweet your posts. Do not be shy to ask people to retweet. It will help you in increasing Twitter fans

Research shows that most retweeted posts contain the phrase “pls RT” or “please retweet”.

Use images and eye-catching graphics

Images get more shares than texts. Start using images and high-quality graphics to increase your retweets and followers. Post beneficial images on Twitter. You can also tag other users in your images.

You can add up to four images in your single tweet.This will bring more attention and increase the chance that your followers will engage with them.

Ask questions

Best way to get engagement on Twitter is to ask questions. You can ask any question related to your niche.

Also, do remember to follow people who answer your questions.

Follow back

If someone from your niche retweets your tweet and follows you then you should also follow them back. But be selective about who you follow.  

Join Twitter Chats

If you have never participated in Twitter chats then you are missing out a huge opportunity to get real Twitter followers.

participate in twitter chats

Daily plenty of Twitter chats take place on Twitter and you can also be a part of this.

Retweet to grow followers

Find relevant content that you can retweet. If you retweet someone’s tweet then chances are they will start following you. They can also retweet your tweets if they find it relevant.

Promote your Twitter handle

Promoting your Twitter account will help you to put yourself in front of your audience. Mention your Twitter profile links on your blog, website and in email signatures.

Cross promote your Twitter profile on Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin. You can add small Twitter widgets on your website and blogs.

You can also add a Twitter share and follow button on your website and blogs so that people can share your awesome content and can follow you.

It will also help you in promoting your Twitter profile and increasing your followers.


You always have to be genuine to increase fan following on Twitter. Do not spam.Tweet interesting content regularly and use some automated tools.

By following the above tips you can gain as many followers as you want on Twitter. The simple trick to get more Twitter followers is to keep engaging and post meaningful content regularly.

If you find this article worthy then please share. You can also comment below to share your tactics and suggestions.

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