5 Secrets of How to Create a Viral Blog Post

Secrets of creating viral blog posts

We often come to know about blog posts and great content that went viral and wonder how the authors have made them. After observing a lot of viral blog posts and their authors’ techniques, I want to share the 5 secrets of how to create a viral blog post. I will show you the tactics to create viral content for your blogs.

Viral blog content is something that every blogger would dream of to get. As a successful blogger, we all want viral posts for our blogs but It’s a challenge to actually accomplish this. Creating viral content is a combination of art and science.

What is a Viral Blog Post?

A viral blog post is a content that is shared by lots of people on the web. Viral content gets thousands and millions of views, likes, and shares from the real people on the internet. There are a lot of top viral blogs over the web and they produce lots of viral blog posts. Most viral blog posts also help you to get high-quality backlinks. Quality backlinks boost your blog’s ranking in search results. Videos and photos majorly go viral.

Below are the types of content that go viral on the internet –

  • Unique & Beneficial
  • Funny
  • Controversial
  • Emotional
  • Trending and Popular Topics

The Secrets of Writing a Viral Blog Post

Creating high-quality viral content is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is a difficult task especially when you are just a beginner.

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According to a recent study, 46% businesses find it difficult to create compelling content.

make your blog viral

Yet there are many ways to create viral content. Let’s get started –

Know Your Audience

This is the first secret of creating a viral blog post. Without knowing your audience, you cannot create quality content. You need to know what your audience wants from you.

Writing a blog post without knowing what your audience is looking for will not bring traffic to your blog. Know your audience’s problems and needs and provide them the resolution.

A person visits a blog or website to get a solution to a particular problem, to get knowledge or for entertainment. You need to know what your audience is looking for.

If your blog post is able to fulfill your audience’s desire then no one can stop that content becoming a viral blog post.

Create a blog post that aligns with your audiences need.

Write on Trendy Topics with Detailed Research

Research is the next secret of writing a killer viral blog post. If you want to know what is trendy over the web, then research is the only best way. You will get new ideas about the trendy topics.

Research will help you understand your topic better and you will gain more knowledge about your topic.

There are high chances of your blog go viral if you write on trendy topics. You can go to BuzzSumo to find out which topic is trending and viral.nderstand the topic and pattern they use.

Do not copy them, just take an idea of how authors have produced them. Note down the important points and guidelines they have used.

Write an Eye Catchy and Appealing Title

Your blog post title is intensely important. Your blog post’s title plays a very important role in making your blog post viral because the headline of a blog is the first thing that people will see first.

A good title or blog headline can send massive traffic to your blog or can ruin your blog post. So use this wisely.

If the title of your blog post is not written well, unattractive and not meaningful then there are very fewer chances of your blog post to go viral.

Create a meaningful and eye catchy title. Write a title that describes the purpose of your blog post. Make it useful, unique and specific. For Example – 7 Secrets of Writing a Killer Blog Post.

You can also take help from online title generators tools –

ALso, keep your title length between 5-7 words.

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Create Quality and Informative Content

As always said, Content is King. If you create useful, helpful and informative content then people will love to share it. Write a blog post that can help people in finding the resolution of a problem they are facing or can educate them.

If you want to write a blog post that people will share and comment then think how your post will be useful for them and how can it help them.

An article was published on Buzzfeed.com in 2014, “What Career Should You Actually Have? and it went viral because the content of this article of was helpful readers.

content that went viral

Create a content that is more valuable for your audience than other sites. Your blog post’s content should be unique and specific. Create engaging content and add values to it by adding some images and videos. Good images and videos can help your blog post to go viral.

Leverage the Power of Networking and Social Media

Once you are done with writing and publishing blog post then start sending it to people who can share it. Don’t be shy to ask people to share your blog posts.

To make a viral blog post you can also share it on Facebook Page, relevant groups, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and many more social media sites.

It will help you in putting your content in front of readers and if they like your content then they will share it.

The more you share your content the more it will spread in front of other people.

Conclusion: Creating Viral Blog Posts

After using these secrets of writing viral blog posts, you could be able to write blog posts those are interesting and have high chance to go viral but you should not expect that every post you will create will go viral.

It happens once in a while and you cannot say which post will go viral but after using these methods you can increase the chances of making a viral blog post.

If this content is helpful for you then please share it. You can also leave your comments below and let me know if some other strategies have worked for you to make your posts go viral.

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