4 Best Link Building Techniques for 2018

Top link building techniques of 2018Creating a website is way more than just building it. It’s more than having it up and actually running. One needs to make it reach people and optimize the Google search for the website.

When it comes to rank organically, Link building is the secret. It is way more simple: if you need good search engine rankings then you need more backlinks from authoritative sites.

Even if you have written a world-class content or any detailed and comprehensive guide, it would not rank in the top 10 on Google if it has no links.

Importance of Link Building in 2018

In 2018, quality backlinks are one of the strongest and important ranking factor.

Andrey Lipattsev, a Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google said in Q&A with Google that links and content are the first two ranking factors

When it comes to 2018 SEO strategies, link building is leading the 200 ranking factors proposed by search engine algorithms.

Any content that is ranking in the top of Google will have backlinks in bulk.

Be Careful in Link Building Campaigns

You need to be very careful when you are starting a link building campaign.

If your users will be happy than search engines will rank your pages itself in search results. Build link for your business and customers and associate them with useful and awesome content.

Links from authoritative sites are of great value when you are trying to get a good search engine rank for your content or blog.

Double check that the links that you build should be natural and do not try to bluff Google’s search algorithm.

Link building, we all believe is not a piece of cake. However, there are a few steps you need to diligently follow to give your website what it needs.

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Before we start talking elaborately about link building in SEO, you need to check if your website is actually ready to be applied link building methods on.

Best Link Building Techniques in 2018

There are a few points you would need to check off your list before you start following any link building tutorial.

With the help of this article, with latest link building techniques of 2018, you will learn how to get your website the attention it needs.

A website that has it all

Before you actually start link building, you need to make sure if your website is ready for it. You would need to make sure that:

  • Your website is free of any errors
  • Your website is well structured

First of all, remove all the errors if there are any, because hey! Who would want to give others the reference of a website that is buggy?

You need to make sure that the Graphical User Interface is pleasing enough for the audience to get hooked onto. The flow of information, moreover, should be like a cherry on the cake.

This would give the Google Crawlers an ease of crawling into your website and make it rank high. The better the structure, the less you would need to look up the link building websites for help.

Additionally, the structure of the website should be organized. Which means your website should have enough internal links and the data on your site should be easily accessible.

For any successful website, starting with the on-page SEO is the key. One more thing that you need to keep in mind is that the data should be genuine and plagiarism free.

The content on your website should of some value to your users. Following these steps will get you set to start link building.

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Let’s find out what are the link building strategies for 2018, which also cover the most lucrative of the entire link building strategies of 2016 as well as the link building strategies of 2017.

  • On fleek content  

Taking time to create the content that is good, informational and easy flowing has always been the first and foremost step in good link building tactics.

If you’ve created content that is valuable to your audience and has relevant information from great resources then consider 50% of the work already done.

Start from something which has not been done before. Choose a topic which certainly would benefit your audience. Do the relevant research based on facts, and later publish it with relevant graphs and charts.

The more the statistics, the better will be your content. Once you are done publishing your research, share it on social media to reach out to people.

Remember: Websites with high page rank would give you backlinks only if your website has something worth giving backlinks to.

  • Buying backlinks

One way to get backlinks is buying links from websites who have a good page rank.

But let’s face the hard truth. Nobody would want to give a backlink to a website which is not good enough or is full of faults or errors.

Because they would not want anything on their own website that would affect their page ranking.  

And if you are lucky and someone finds your website helpful, they would give you an organic link. What would be better than an organic link?

Make sure that keyword-anchor text varies in different reviews. If not, then this would give Google a hint that you are buying links.

If you have paid a site to host sponsored post, better disclose it. Because this, any day would be better than getting a penalty from Google.

  • Publish Interviews and News

People always dig things that they cannot lay their hands on. If you publish the piece of information that is useful as well as grabbing, you have done the most part of it.

Leave the rest to your audience. Another way is to make up a right interview with the right person. This method has been polled effective 65% of the time. All you need is the right person to interview and the right set of questions.


Maybe, try and get to interview an influencer or some big shot whose words and opinion are valued by people.

If they like what you publish, they will share your content on social media. Doing the smart work is the biggest link building tactic.

  • Videos and Social Media

Creating self-hosting videos and sharing them on your website or social media is a sure shot way to get backlinks according to most of the people.

It has been proven often times in history that visuals and graphics are more capable of holding the attention of your audience than the textual content.

Moreover, if your videos are beneficial for the people, more website would want to publish it on their sites.

Log in to YouTube Analytics and go to Traffic sources to see what all websites have embedded your video. Ask them to give you a backlink. This is a genuine and safe way to get backlinks.

Social media tools are very helpful in finding which platforms can make use of your brand name. Focus on them and work for your brand mentions.

You can find what is being liked by your audience more with the help of likes and shares.

Share your content on social media and if people really like what they see, they will certainly share your content on their profiles.

Keep working on it because this is how your content comes from the probability of going viral.

Social Media link building

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There are always ways to get more and more backlinks but do not rush. Take it slow because you don’t want to get any penalty, Trust me! It may time but you will finally be there.

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